Saturday, 6 February 2016

Back at long last !!!

WOW it seems like only yesterday I was cooking the turkey for Christmas Dinner and now it's almost Pancake Day, shortly followed by Valentines Day !!!

I do have a couple of excuses for my lack of posts, one recent one being I have been very sick with a stomach virus that lasted no less than 8 full days !!! sure don't want that one again in a hurry.

But I have managed to make a few cards and they are:-

This Butterfly is actually a chipboard die cut that I painted with silver metallic paint and then whilst still wet I sprinkled it with silver glitter.

 The next few cards are slightly out of focus - my only excuse it that they were made whilst I was sick and my hands must have been very shaky when I was holding the camera LOL

I was commenting on FB the other day on the wonderful work a fellow crafter was doing in her latest craze of dressmaking and I remembered I used to do that too and make quite a few things myself in the past.  In fact it got me thinking of all the things I can do or have done in the past i.e.:-

Still Do:-

Handmade Cards
Candle Decorating
Altering Items such as frames

No Longer Do :-

Cake Decorating
Paining (walls etc)

TBH I don't do much Scrapbooking anymore either - I really enjoyed it but don't have anyone to pass them all on to.  I would do a lot more baking too if  I had someone other than me & my other half to bake for.  That is the main reason I gave up the cake decorating years ago too, not that I got very far with it but it was passable.  Most of the other things on the second list I don't do anymore due to my arthritis.
Mind you in the past I have also, knocked down walls, pulled out window frames, chipped of pebble dash & plaster.  I also did a bit of steel fixing when we renovated our old house.  I painted walls and ceilings plus varnished all the timber work in the house.  And previous to that I put our flat packed kitchen units together and laid lino in our bathroom LOL  Those were the days when I could almost do anything I put my hand too.
Oh yes I also build my own computer too !!!

That's enough from me to be getting on with I think.  Happy February 2016

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Merry Christmas

Sorry for my absence but it's been a little bit busy here, what with all these cards to make, plus those on the Xmas card page above, and of course making my Christmas cake and decorating 2 of them.

Then on top of all the usual Christmas stuff, I have a 6mth old puppy.  Luckily she didn't attack the tree or any of the decs, well not yet anyway LOL.  and now she is having her first season and that has come as a bit of a shock to our other dog Robbie LOL, she won't leave him alone !!!!  will get her spayed in the new year as we won't be breading from her and it's fairer to her.

I have found a new colour medium - Gelatos !!! they are just fab and will hopefully  be able to have a good play with them over the Christmas and in my new & exclusive colouring book from NZ

Anyhow, here are all my latest creations, with all images coloured with my trusty Copics, hope you like them.


Robbie & Rosie doing what they do best - playing & sleeping LOL


 It's Christmas !!!

 2 Cakes

Hope you have liked reading my blog this year and seeing pictures of my work & life.

Merry Christmas to you all and happy 2016.

Friday, 13 November 2015

Christmas is coming !!!

I have just updated the Christmas card page, please click on this link to have a look and please leave a comment if you like what you see

No more news at the moment. 

Rosie is growing fast and has almost finished teething, however, she is having trouble getting her two upper puppy fang teeth out and the new ones are growing in from of them.  she is chewing and pulling on anything that we let her do so.  Poor puppy.

Should be interesting in a couple of weeks when we put the Christmas tree up !!! now this little pup likes to play and with anything & everything she can !!! LOL

No baking of late either, although I did make half doz scones for the hubby yesterday.  Have been trying to be good for a blow out at Christmas LOL.  I do  have the fruit for my Christmas cake soaking in Brandy though - will be baking that in the next week or so I think.  I just love the smell in the house when that is happening.

Back soon

Sunday, 8 November 2015

Remember, Remember ......................

no not the 5th of November but TO UPDATE MY BLOG !!!!!

I do have a good excuse though, I have been very busy making Christmas cards, as you will see if you click the tab above "Xmas 2015".  As I have been making so many this year it is easier just to put them all on a seperate page.  Hope you like them all.

I have also been making other cards and these I will show here ..................

I have made more but can't show you yet as their birthdays etc haven't happened yet.

The fruit for my Christmas cake has been soaking for over a month now, so I will be making that in the next week or so.  I do love the smell of it baking, it really feels like Christmas then.  Mind you I have been having the odd sneaky Mince Pie from Aldi's  - can't resist them they are lush LOL

No new pics of the doggies yet, will see if I can get some before my next blog - Rosie needs a trim, so that should be worth a few.

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Ooops I did it again ..............

OMG I promised myself I would update my blog weekly but I have been so busy with the Puppy Rosie and making cards lately that it just didn't happen - so this could be a long one !!!

First an update on cards ......


A couple of pics to show how quickly my lovely little Rosie is growing .............

Sizing it up.....

I'm up !!!!

Hey Robbie look I'm here !!!

Took these in the garden the other day & they really show how much she has grown, she used to be able to walk right under Robbie !!

 Poor Rosie has been driven made lately due her teething, she lost all the little ones at the front in the bottom almost in one day and then the top ones, it was so funny to see keep poking her little tongue out the gap.  They have all been replaced now and it is the little fangs that are now changing, and I think only one of the little baby ones are left now.  Thank God for that, she might stop biting & pulling on everything now.

No baking lately, only a few scones I think but I do now have all my fruit soaking in brandy, getting ready for the Christmas cake.

A quick update on the MTX - after starting the weekly injections, I went from feeling sick for 2/3 days to 24/7 for a full 2 weeks but after the 4th one it stopped completely.  Lets hope it stays that way.

Last day of the GBBO tonight, should be good.

That's all for now folks ..