Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Sun Arrived - for a Day !!!

Sure hope that the one day in May that we actually saw the sun isn't the full extent of our Summer !!!

However, no sunshine meant I could get these cards made.  The second one is an A4 size one.  As usual all my images are coloured with Copics and all supplies from Cardz n Scrapz.

One morning last week Rosie was transfixed on garden (see pic below) she was there for ages just staring but when she started shaking I had to investigate.  The second picture shows the object of her fixation - two little bunnies having their breakfast just outside one of our windows !!

I had to let her out to stop her shaking if nothing else but before I did I made a loud noise to frighten off the little ones.  I don't think she would hurt them if she did catch up with them, knowing her she would probably just want to play with them, but I couldn't take the risk.

A bit later she turned her attentions to Robbie who unfortunately for her was more interested in George's toast LOL

In an update to my last blog I did indeed get a €60 refund from 3 Ireland for recycling my old iPhone 5C, so well happy at the moment and yes I am still loving my Samsung S6.
Winge Alert !!!  I am feeling a bit down and fed up with myself at the moment but it's not my fault as such, just this stupid body I was born with.  I have put on over 7lb in the last 3 weeks but as I have been sat on my backside for nearly all of those 3 weeks it's not surprising.  To start with I had Laryngitis for two weeks with 8 of those days on antibiotics that kept knocking me out.  Then I somehow managed to pull a muscle in the back of my right thigh, so it was painful to sit let alone stand and walk.  Just as I was getting over that my arthritis flared up in both my left shoulder and left foot.  So I was useless again and couldn't do anything except take painkillers and sleep. It's no wonder that I am waking up at 5am in the morning when I spending most of the day asleep in the chair. 
If only the weather would improve then I could force myself to get outside of the front door and at least walk around the garden and soak up some much needed Vitamin E.  Winge Over !

I have to update my kitchen appliances as they are becoming very unreliable.  Would love to replace my worktop with Quartz or Granite but that won't be possible unless I win the lotto or something.  Anyway my one dilemma at the moment is the Hob.

I have always used a gas hob, natural gas in the UK and bottle gas over here. The main reason being, well over here anyway, is that if the power went off we would always have the gas to boil a kettle on or cook on.

However, there are two things putting me off that now.  One is my arthritis makes it very difficult to keep it clean, I have no power in my hands and the cast iron supports are very heavy to lift. I would love to just be able to let the hob cool and wipe it all down clean with no heavy lifting. And the second thing is that I am sick of always having to remember .to have a spare gas bottle handy and if I forget, it nearly always runs out when the shops are closed.

I have my eye on the new Induction hobs, with touch control.  That way they are just completely flat and so easy to clean.  And when was the last time the power went unexpectedly ??? But what if it does and I have changed.  It is so difficult to decide what to do for the best.

I will leave you with that thought .   Bye until next time.

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Spring is colder than Winter !!

Don't know what is going on with the weather lately but Spring seems to be much colder than Winter and now they are threatening us with snow & frost again - it's almost May for Gods sake.  This time last year it was so warm, in fact April last year was our Summer !!!

Here are 3 pics taken of the weather on 3 different days during April so far,

Snow & Hale on 6th

A Green sky courtesy of the Aurora on the 8th

And a fire in the sky looking sunset on the 14th

And today on the 26th it's been lovely and sunny and you would be fooled if you thought it was warm because there is a bitter cold north wind blowing.

It's no wonder I am sick.  I have laryngitis at the moment and the anti biotics are knocking the good out of me, all I want to do all day is sleep and then when I go to bed at night, I only sleep until around 5ish.  Typical.  Anyway that's enough about life, back to crafting.

Here are the cards made since last my blog & there are more than I thought there was going to be LOL ..............

Back to life - I have been having a running battle with 3 Ireland for over a month now.  First of all it was their signal - it used to be great here in Killenaule but all of a sudden it got so bad that my calls would cut off, my text messages would only go if I pointed the phone to the Vodafone mast across the road.  Anyway after many messages to them, it seemed to be fixed.

Then I wanted an early upgrade, well you think I'd been asking for the winning numbers of the Lotto.  I had another 4mth + left on my 2yr contract but I was sick of my iPhone and wanted to swap to a Sumsung Galaxy.  At one point I was told to reapply at the end of April. as it was physically impossible to put through an upgrade any earlier than 4 months early ??? So I thought OK I will wait.  But I got impatient and when the new Samsung Galaxy S7 came out it made me worse so I got back onto them and wanted to know what the upgrade price would be for me when mine came through.

One of their customer service reps basically told me I should count myself lucky that would be willing to upgrade at the beginning of June !!! and that I wanted to leave (despite being with them & O2 before them for over 15yrs) that was my choice but I would have to pay over €170 to get out of my contract !!!

As you can imagine I saw red and I went onto the 3 Ireland Forum and contacted them through a private message.  Low & behold a couple of hours later I got a reply apologizing and saying how much they appreciated my loyalty, plus as a gesture of good will they have granted an early upgrade.!!!

Unfortunately the S7 was still too expensive for me so I managed to get an S6 for only €29 on bill pay for €55 pm and using their recycling scheme I was then quoted a €60 refund for my old iPhone 5C - just waiting to see if that comes through, so watch this space. 

In the meantime though I am loving my S6.

Today the 26th April 2016 is a memorable day for all us Liverpool supporters and finally there seems to be the start of getting justice for the 96 victims of the tragedy that took place at Hillsborough on the 15th April 1989.  After 27 years of the media (mainly The Sun) & the Police force blaming the victims and other fans for the tragedy that unfolded it has been found that all 96 were unlawfully killed, with the Police force and Sheffield Wednesday FC being to blame for a catastrophic series of events.  RIP the 96, you will never be forgotten.

I personally will never forget that day of the 15th April 1989 either as I had to find my then boyfriend and tell him that his Mother had died. 

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Busy Busy March

WOW March sure was a busy month !!!

Started off at the beginning, as I said last post, with the birthdays of my Stepfather, myself and then Mother's Day.  Then along came Easter and I made these cards, only for a couple of family members and friends

Also at Easter, for the 2nd year in a row, I won a draw.  This year it was this lovely hamper full of Easter sweetness - mostly consumed by my hubby but I do love the basket and the soft fluffy lamb.

Plus I got these gorgeous flowers for Easter from my hubby - well he did get all the sweets LOL

The following are some other cards I made in the last couple of weeks

Then the last week of March was a busy one, first of all the gorgeous "little" girl next door turned 18, so the next 3 cards were for her.  Can't believe how quickly that the little girl of 7, that used to run around my coffee table playing with my dogs and cats, has blossomed into the beautiful young lady that she is now.  OMG time sure does fly !!!

The following day, after Amy's birthday, was the 75th birthday of my Mother.  As she was going away for her birthday, they came down to visit us at Easter.  Below is the card I made for her and her presents - two lovely scarves from M&S and a bejewelled Egg that opens and can be used for jewellery

My Mother said she didn't want anymore cake, after Ted, mine and then another in between, so instead I made a Milk Chocolate & Baileys Cheesecake and OMG it was gorgeous !!! (even if I say so myself LOL)

Last but by no means least I had a card to make for my wonderful Nephew in NZ, who turns 15 in 3 days time

I also won a 2nd draw over the Easter period and this time it was a free groom for one of my dogs, (courtesy of Deirdre at K-9 Dog Grooming) and as Robbie was due for one, it came in very handy. Here he is pictured below looking very handsome - he loves being groomed, it always seems to put a new spring in his step. 

That's all for now I think - back soon I hope with lots more cards etc

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Spring has Sprung

It sure has & for the first time in the 10yrs + that I have lived here we have sheep and baby lambs in the field directly across the road from us.

They are mesmerising, you just can't help watching them and doing a recount every now & then too, one Yew so far has had triplets too.

However just 11 days ago we had snow ! just for the morning but it was lovely.  I was so looking forward to seeing my pup playing in it, but she took one look at it and ran into the house into the warm LOL

And all that snow was on the morning I was getting my hair done !! typical, I wait months to get it done and it snows LOL but thankfully all the snow was gone just after lunch, so my hair wasn't affected. Hair Dynamics in Killenaule did a fantastic job as always of transforming my look.

All my prep was for a busy weekend - it was my Stepfather, Ted's Birthday, the following day, Saturday, then Mother's day of course on the Sunday.  Followed by my birthday on the Tuesday.
Because of these 3 occasions, my Mother & Stepfather were visiting for the weekend.   They took us out for a fantastic meal at The Wytchway Inn, in Holycross.  The food was to die for, I absolutely enjoyed every single mouthful !!. 
Of course as it was Ted's birthday I had to get a cake and no one better than Emily to make it.  OMG it was gorgeous and decorated perfectly. 

This is Ted with my lovely pup Rosie - enjoying all the attention of course !!!

These are almost all my birthday cards, I got another couple after this pic was taken and was actually very lucky to get 16 of them !!! I was so surprised and very happy to get every single one of them.

These absolutely gorgeous flowers are from my lovely Niece & Nephew in New Zealand and my wonderful Brother & Sister in law.

 And my Birthday cake from my Mother & Ted - yummy too it was.

And now for some cards that I have recently made.

Thank you all for stopping by.