Sunday, 20 April 2014

Happy Easter

Hope all my blog readers have a very Happy Easter and eat as much chocolate as you want - it's only once a year after all.

 A few Easter cards that managed to make this year

Other cards finished recently

Hope you like all my recent creations.  The last few were really hard to do because I have been really suffering badly arthritic flare ups for the last 2 weeks, one after another.  It seems I am suffering so badly because I stopped taking my Enbrel and instead of taking steroids to ease the withdrawal I went "cold turkey" and I would never ever recommend this to anyone.  I can honestly say I have never been in so much pain in all my life.  There isn't a joint or muscle in my body that isn't or hasn't been aching.  Have an appointment with my Consultant in 2 weeks time, so hopefully the new meds have been OK'd finally, by the HSE and I can at last get some pain relief.

Thanks for stopping by and again Happy Easter to you all :)

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Spring at Last !!!

Hello Spring -well I hope it's now spring cos we had snow last weekend !!! what was that all about - Snow in the middle of March!!!  However looks like things are picking up.  Friday was so lovely that George was able to get the rest of the grass cut and I could leave the door open for the pets rather than having to get up & down to let them in & out all the time.

Anyway here are my latest cards, hope you like them & if you do please leave a comment to let me know :)

Finally got my hair cut last week and boy was it a relief !! I can't believe how bad it was.  Also got a colour & highlights in it too.  Can you believe it was last September when I last got it cut and about 18mths since the last colour, so you can imagine what a state it was in, my blonde hair had turned into a mousey grey mess with no shape whats so ever and it aged me terribly.  Now I feel & look like a new woman and looking in the mirror at the hairdressers I finally saw where I had lost the 3 1/2 stone from - the top half of my body, my face has lost two of the 4 chins and my shoulders were narrower too.  But I should know that because I no longer need the seatbelt extension thingy in my car :)  I knew my legs & arms were smaller but as my stomach still feels as huge as ever I began to wonder if it was all my imagination.  This has all happened since my Diabetes diagnoses.  Have a check up with the Dietician next week but honestly don't think I've lost any more since seeing her in January, just praying I haven't put any on either.  Now that the better weather should be kicking in I hope to try and get about a bit more - fingers crossed:)

Bad news is my Arthritis.  Last year my meds stopped working as well so my doctor put me on Humira but after 13wks of taking that I was in agony and felt like I wasn't taking anything, it was completely useless.  So back in October I was switched to Enbrel (both taken with Methotrexate) but now that too is no good and I am in more pain each day and having to take extra pain relief with Relifex and Paracetamol :(  Apparently there is a new one coming out soon - well when the HSE stop quibbling about the price of it that is !!

That's enough of me moaning.  Hope you all remembered to put your clocks forward last night and Happy Mother's day to all you Mother's of children & furbabies :)

Sunday, 16 March 2014

March Catch Up

How could I forget my blog again ??? well below you will see all the cards I have made and a Christening Candle.  

The 1st card is actually an A4 card and it was for a someone who is a shopaholic and the giver wanted it to somehow depict that the baby would be too, hence the shopping bag.

I have made double the amount of all the Communion & Confirmation cards but the same design as below.

Since my last post my printer gave up on me so have been researching the right printer to buy next ever since.  I asked a lot of crafting buddies and the consensus was either Epsom or Canon - well I am a Canon fan so when researching I was delighted that the Canon came out on top.  Then I decided that I needed a printer more suited to Home Office use rather than just Home use which would print the odd letter but mostly photos.  So the best Canon Printers for what I wanted were the Pixma MX range.
So on Tuesday I should be taking delivery of a Canon Pixma MX720 - I can't wait and have lost these past weeks with it.

Friday, 17 January 2014

And so it begins - 2014

Happy New Year to all my blog readers and lets hope it's a happy healthy one for us all.

Well Christmas has come & gone and so has my Mojo & energy.  I have hardly stepped inside my Craft Room, only to clear away my Christmas stash and make a couple of cards that were asked for - shown below. 

First & third card images coloured with Copics.  Embroidered butterfly is by LittleSnippets.  All papers etc are from Cardz 'n' Scrapz, who in my opinion are the best craft suppliers in the country, their customer service is second to none!!

Hope to back soon with some new creations:)