Sunday, 25 December 2016

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Check out all my Christmas cards for this year on my Christmas Page above

This was Sunrise a week or so ago on a very frosty morning.

Friday, 4 November 2016

Cards, Celebration & Disappointment

Firstly I'll show you all the cards I have made recently, then I'll get to the Celebration etc.

The 26th October was our Silver Wedding Anniversary and as we weren't having a party I made my own cake to share with the people who mattered.  Of course I also made a card for my dear hubby.

The cake was a 10" Madeira Sponge sandwiched with Vanilla Buttercream & Strawberry Jam.

My Mother & Step Father came down to celebrate with us and we had a lovely meal at Parkers in Clonmel.  The food and service were outstanding. My Mother had gone in the previous day and dropped in a couple of banners and a balloon, so when we arrived on the night, the banners were up on the wall behind us and the balloon on the table - it was a lovely surprises !!!

Not only did they get banners for the restaurant but also for our own living room, plus a balloon & flowers.

It was a lovely day and evening and that was all down the efforts of my Mother & Step Father and us of course. 

Now to Disappointment.........  Not one family member on either side bothered to send a card or pick up the phone to congratulate us.  Now correct me if I am wrong but I think 25yrs of marriage is something to be celebrated, especially in this day & age where many don't last 5yrs let alone 25yrs.  

Monday, 3 October 2016

WOW I Got Busy !!!

Just as the school summer break finished the card requests came flooding in.

This card was a cousin of mine

And this one for my darling hubby

Another from me, this time for my Sister-in-law in NZ

This card was for my bestest friend ever.  We have been friends for the best part of 40yrs now.

A cheeky card for my Brother-in-law LOL

And this card was also for a very dear friend of mine, we met on the first day at Secondary school way back in 1975.

The next few cards are all for the same lady who bakes & decorates the most amazing cakes and loves nothing more than running - personally I'd rather bake a cake LOL

This final batch are all for the same lovely couple celebrating their Ruby (40th) Wedding Anniversary

That's all the cards for now but I have a long list of cards that I need to make for Birthdays before Christmas and of course I have the most important card of all to make - an Anniversary card for my darling hubby.  It's our Silver Wedding Anniversary on 26th October.  I can't believe it is 25 years already.  I am also making a celebration cake for the occasion, which I am also decorating myself, so watch this space.