Sunday, 16 August 2015

Where's it gone ???

The summer of 2015 is what I am talking about, honestly we had a good few weeks back in April/May sometime and that was it a part from the odd day here & there, when the rest of Europe, including the UK, has had a great summer.  It reminds me of the year I first moved over here to Ireland (to Co. Galway) in 1998 and it seemed to rain everyday from June to December & beyond.  I was having a terrible time settling in and the weather just made it all so much worse.  However, the first year we had here in Co. Tipperary, 2006, was fantastic and on the whole the rest of the summers have been good.

This Christmas will be our 11th in this house, these last 10yrs have gone so quick and lots of things have changed too.  We are both now out of work & both crippled with arthritis - George with Osteo & me with Rheumatoid and PsA + Fibromyalgia, I have also been diagnosed with type 2 Diabetes and Glaucoma/Ocular Hyper Tension. Both 10yrs older !!! LOL.  We have lost 2 dogs and 2 cats but we have also gained another 2 dogs, I have lost 5stone, but then gained one (due to meds), gained a lot of grey hair that has been dyed blonde several times since.  George has turned 60 + and me 50+.  I met my niece & nephew for the first time when my Brother & his family came to visit, from NZ, back in 2008. And my mother has overcome Cancer.

Of course during these last 10 yrs I also took up a hobby that I found I was quite good at - making Handmade cards.  I used to do Wedding Invitations too but tbh found it all a bit too stressful.  I also dabble in other crafts too.  It was actually back in 2007 that I started making cards - over 8yrs ago now, when I couldn't find a birthday card for my nephew and started looking on the web.  I came across handmade cards and thought to myself  "I can do that" and the rest, as they say, is history.

So here are are the cards that I managed to get done this week & as usual all the images are coloured with Copics and all my stash comes from Cardz n Scrapz.

Also baked some scones this week, just like these below, except twice as many - didn't last twice as long though LOL;

Of course little Rosie has been keeping us all on our toes (including poor Robbie) but she is just the most adorable & funny little pup and we both just love the bones of her !!!

And finally one of me with my new do !!!  My old hairdresser recently moved to another town and a part from the fact I wouldn't be able to park near enough to the salon, I really couldn't be doing with driving that far to get my hair done.  So after 9yrs with Cathy it was time to find another and find another I did and she is brilliant !!! Hair Dynamics in Killenaule are now my go to hairdressers!

Thank you for stopping by.

Sunday, 9 August 2015

Phew !!!

OMG I had forgotten just how exhausting it was to raise & train a puppy LOL I sure am sleeping well at night now though.  She is worth every stress & strain though and she is growing fast and picking up all Robbies bad habits too.

A couple more pics for you .........

This one she wanted to see what the camera was all about LOL

Then she discovered Robbie cushion and had a snooze - he wasn't too happy about it either !!

We left them on their own for the first time yesterday whilst we did the shopping and we didn't know what we find when we got home - what we found were two very happy dogs greeting us and not a bit of mess or, most importantly, no fur either !!!  Now if only she would stop jumping up to his face and trying to bite his tail, all would be well.

Only two cards to show you this week too & as usual both the images are coloured with Copics and all my stash comes from Cardz n Scrapz.

For the first time in months I actually got around to baking some cupcakes too - but I was too exhausted to ice them - didn't seem to make much difference as they didn't last very long !!

I picked up my L'Oreal creams yesterday and the cleanser and I can already feel the difference.  I also picked up fab gel for cooling my eyes and it works brilliantly.

Thanks for stopping by, please come back next week

Monday, 3 August 2015

Say Hello to Rosie !!!

Finally able to update my blog - was a bit busy last week with this little girl and then found out that after updated to Windows 10, Blogger doesn't like the new Edge browser.  So have downloaded Firefox so I can update.

Anyway I finally got to pick up my new little puppy - Rosie - last Sunday week.  She is now 10 weeks old and is a Cockerpoo.  Mum is a Cocker Spaniel and although she was mated first with a male Cocker, their male Poodle also got to her and they didn't know who had won until the little ones were delivered.  Seems the Poodle had stronger little soldiers LOL.

She has the wavy hair of a Cocker rather the tight curls of a Poodle which should be easier to maintain.

Our lovely Robbie (6yrs old) has had is nose put out of joint a bit and wouldn't even look at her for the first couple of days but slowly slowly he is coming round and know lets her lick his nose and even stand beside him.  As long as she doesn't run & jump at (which she does often at the moment) he is OK with her.  Hopefully it won't be long before they cuddle up to each other.

She is so good and is picking up on things really quick and is almost 100% house trained after just 1 week.  She only eats as much as she needs and has already asked to go outside to do her business.  Also I was getting ready for the sleepless nights that I had with my other 3 but she sleeps soundly until 7am. If she does get up before that, she doesn't wake us at all.  She is a pure bundle of fun and was well worth the wait. 

Here are a few more pics .............

I have only managed to make 2 cards since my last blog, what with puppy proofing the house & garden and then of course being pre occupied with her since her arrival.

As usual both the images are coloured with Copics and all my stash comes from Cardz n Scrapz.

Think that is all for the moment except for wondering where our summer has gone ????

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Decision made !!

Yes I have decided to keep my blog going and I thank everyone for the wonderful feedback.

Just before I show you all the new cards I have made recently I have some great news ............. we are picking up our gorgeous new puppy at the end of the week and I can't wait !!!!! Spent last Saturday going round town trying to find the same food that she is already on but in the end had to get a very good alternative which looks perfect for her - Canagan - it is grain free and made with all natural produce.  Also bought a lovely pink, with white polka dots, collar & lead, plus a pink petal shaped water bowl. We got all these items from Pet Planet in Clonmel, they were so helpful in there - think it could be my go to pet shop in future. I am so excited about getting her that I can hardly sleep at night LOL 

Oh yes also have this gorgeous bed for her - which Robbie seems to be interested in too & yet won't sleep in one of his own !!!  Got this bed a few weeks ago in Argos and it was 27.99, looked in the new catalogue last weekend and it has gone up to 32.99  !!!!!

Now here are my cards and as usual all images coloured in Copics and all supplies bought from Cardz n Scrapz.


I know in my last blog I said I thought that the Olay face cream was the right one but out of the three I have tried since Christmas I actually think that the L'Oreal Age Perfect is the best one and as soon as the Olay is finished I will be going back to buy that one for the future.

Check back soon for pics of my little Rosie

Sunday, 5 July 2015

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions.............

........... I have been wondering whether to continue with my blog as I don't know if anyone finds it interesting or not.  I very rarely get any comments either.  If you do read my blog I would love to read yours also, so please leave your blog address in Comments and I will return the favour.

It has been a while since my last update so there are quite a few card creations to catch up on.  As usual all my images have been coloured using Copic Markers and all my supplies come from Cardz n Scapz (aka Cork Art Supplies in Cork)

I think that is the lot & I hope you like them & if you do please let me know in the comment section below.

I have finally found the right face cream and it is Olay Essentials 3in1 Complete Care
Another piece of good news is we are getting a little puppy in a few weeks time, she is only about 5wks old at the moment and we are calling her Rosie.  We are getting her from the same breeder that we got Robbie from, so we know she will have been treated & bread well.  She will be just what Robbie needs, he looks so fed up when not outside in the sunshine or gardening with George.  Hopefully, she will bring back his playful side again.  I already have her collar and her bed ready & waiting for her and this is a sneeky picture of her
My heart just melted the minute of got the picture last weekend !!!!!
Update on my Arthritis, I stopped the RoActemra after just 3wks as it made me so sick and I also came out in another rash, just like the one the Orencia caused.  But unlike the Orencia it didn't do any good for the pain at all.
Now I am taking Plaquenil, Salazopyrin with MTX and although I have been taking it for a month it has only just started to kick in.  The pain and swelling has mostly gone from my right hand and despite having a terrible flare up in my feet for the last 4wks also, that has finally started to subside in the last couple of days, along with the swelling in my legs.  So fingers crossed I could be mostly pain free soon and hopefully mobile again.
Hasn't the weather been lovely lately, I was beginning to think that we had the summer back in April/May but it has really warmed up lately and that big yellow ball of fire in the sky even comes out of hiding now & then too.
Thanks for reading and enjoy the summer.