Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Decision made !!

Yes I have decided to keep my blog going and I thank everyone for the wonderful feedback.

Just before I show you all the new cards I have made recently I have some great news ............. we are picking up our gorgeous new puppy at the end of the week and I can't wait !!!!! Spent last Saturday going round town trying to find the same food that she is already on but in the end had to get a very good alternative which looks perfect for her - Canagan - it is grain free and made with all natural produce.  Also bought a lovely pink, with white polka dots, collar & lead, plus a pink petal shaped water bowl. We got all these items from Pet Planet in Clonmel, they were so helpful in there - think it could be my go to pet shop in future. I am so excited about getting her that I can hardly sleep at night LOL 

Oh yes also have this gorgeous bed for her - which Robbie seems to be interested in too & yet won't sleep in one of his own !!!  Got this bed a few weeks ago in Argos and it was 27.99, looked in the new catalogue last weekend and it has gone up to 32.99  !!!!!

Now here are my cards and as usual all images coloured in Copics and all supplies bought from Cardz n Scrapz.


I know in my last blog I said I thought that the Olay face cream was the right one but out of the three I have tried since Christmas I actually think that the L'Oreal Age Perfect is the best one and as soon as the Olay is finished I will be going back to buy that one for the future.

Check back soon for pics of my little Rosie

Sunday, 5 July 2015

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions.............

........... I have been wondering whether to continue with my blog as I don't know if anyone finds it interesting or not.  I very rarely get any comments either.  If you do read my blog I would love to read yours also, so please leave your blog address in Comments and I will return the favour.

It has been a while since my last update so there are quite a few card creations to catch up on.  As usual all my images have been coloured using Copic Markers and all my supplies come from Cardz n Scapz (aka Cork Art Supplies in Cork)

I think that is the lot & I hope you like them & if you do please let me know in the comment section below.

I have finally found the right face cream and it is Olay Essentials 3in1 Complete Care
Another piece of good news is we are getting a little puppy in a few weeks time, she is only about 5wks old at the moment and we are calling her Rosie.  We are getting her from the same breeder that we got Robbie from, so we know she will have been treated & bread well.  She will be just what Robbie needs, he looks so fed up when not outside in the sunshine or gardening with George.  Hopefully, she will bring back his playful side again.  I already have her collar and her bed ready & waiting for her and this is a sneeky picture of her
My heart just melted the minute of got the picture last weekend !!!!!
Update on my Arthritis, I stopped the RoActemra after just 3wks as it made me so sick and I also came out in another rash, just like the one the Orencia caused.  But unlike the Orencia it didn't do any good for the pain at all.
Now I am taking Plaquenil, Salazopyrin with MTX and although I have been taking it for a month it has only just started to kick in.  The pain and swelling has mostly gone from my right hand and despite having a terrible flare up in my feet for the last 4wks also, that has finally started to subside in the last couple of days, along with the swelling in my legs.  So fingers crossed I could be mostly pain free soon and hopefully mobile again.
Hasn't the weather been lovely lately, I was beginning to think that we had the summer back in April/May but it has really warmed up lately and that big yellow ball of fire in the sky even comes out of hiding now & then too.
Thanks for reading and enjoy the summer.

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

May it soon warm up again

Ever since we hit May the rain came down and the wind starting blowing and it hasn't stopped yet.  However, despite the weather I have still managed to a little bit of card making, as you can see below.



The 30th April would have been my Dad's 77th birthday but as I couldn't make & give him a birthday card, I made & laminated a verse for him and then attached it to a pot on his grave.  Hope he liked it.


My gorgeous fur-baby Robbie had to have a trim last week.  So we kitted him out with his new harness and off we went.  Things were looking good when we got there when he gladly jumped out of the car BUT when he realised where he was he sat down firmly on his bum and refused to move !!! the only way George could get him to move again was to open the car door - he thought we were leaving again, so got up and jumped straight into the car.  However, George then opened the other door and picked him up - he had to carry him all the way up the driveway into the groomer LOL  The groomer is Deirdre of K9-Dog Groomers and she does an absolute fantastic job of all the doggies that go into her and once in there Robbie doesn't mind a bit.  He loves getting groomed and acts like a puppy for the next few days, running & jumping all over the place .

Just taken my 3rd injection of my new arthritis meds - RoActemra.  I wish it would kick in soon as I am in more & more pain each day now and all my joints are swollen, especially all those on my hands and feet.  But all my joints are aching now and it is almost impossible to stand up longer than a few minutes at a time due to the pain in my back.  Hence no baking pictures this time.
I stopped the last one (Orencia) back in February due the rash it caused and since then I had to add extra painkillers and had been on steroids too, all up until a week or so ago.

Some good news is that I went to the eye clinic yesterday and she has now decided that I don't have glaucoma after all, I have a condition called Ocular Hypertension (which left untreated can cause to Glaucoma).  She said I have lovely eyes and should continue with the once daily eye drop to keep them so . 

Back soon.