Friday, 13 November 2015

Christmas is coming !!!

I have just updated the Christmas card page, please click on this link to have a look and please leave a comment if you like what you see

No more news at the moment. 

Rosie is growing fast and has almost finished teething, however, she is having trouble getting her two upper puppy fang teeth out and the new ones are growing in from of them.  she is chewing and pulling on anything that we let her do so.  Poor puppy.

Should be interesting in a couple of weeks when we put the Christmas tree up !!! now this little pup likes to play and with anything & everything she can !!! LOL

No baking of late either, although I did make half doz scones for the hubby yesterday.  Have been trying to be good for a blow out at Christmas LOL.  I do  have the fruit for my Christmas cake soaking in Brandy though - will be baking that in the next week or so I think.  I just love the smell in the house when that is happening.

Back soon

Sunday, 8 November 2015

Remember, Remember ......................

no not the 5th of November but TO UPDATE MY BLOG !!!!!

I do have a good excuse though, I have been very busy making Christmas cards, as you will see if you click the tab above "Xmas 2015".  As I have been making so many this year it is easier just to put them all on a seperate page.  Hope you like them all.

I have also been making other cards and these I will show here ..................

I have made more but can't show you yet as their birthdays etc haven't happened yet.

The fruit for my Christmas cake has been soaking for over a month now, so I will be making that in the next week or so.  I do love the smell of it baking, it really feels like Christmas then.  Mind you I have been having the odd sneaky Mince Pie from Aldi's  - can't resist them they are lush LOL

No new pics of the doggies yet, will see if I can get some before my next blog - Rosie needs a trim, so that should be worth a few.

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Ooops I did it again ..............

OMG I promised myself I would update my blog weekly but I have been so busy with the Puppy Rosie and making cards lately that it just didn't happen - so this could be a long one !!!

First an update on cards ......


A couple of pics to show how quickly my lovely little Rosie is growing .............

Sizing it up.....

I'm up !!!!

Hey Robbie look I'm here !!!

Took these in the garden the other day & they really show how much she has grown, she used to be able to walk right under Robbie !!

 Poor Rosie has been driven made lately due her teething, she lost all the little ones at the front in the bottom almost in one day and then the top ones, it was so funny to see keep poking her little tongue out the gap.  They have all been replaced now and it is the little fangs that are now changing, and I think only one of the little baby ones are left now.  Thank God for that, she might stop biting & pulling on everything now.

No baking lately, only a few scones I think but I do now have all my fruit soaking in brandy, getting ready for the Christmas cake.

A quick update on the MTX - after starting the weekly injections, I went from feeling sick for 2/3 days to 24/7 for a full 2 weeks but after the 4th one it stopped completely.  Lets hope it stays that way.

Last day of the GBBO tonight, should be good.

That's all for now folks ..

Saturday, 5 September 2015

That was it, over !!

Yes that must have been our non existent summer over & done with as now it is September the air is decidedly cooler and you know what that means .................. yes it will soon be Christmas !!! LOL

Anyway before I get consumed with Christmas card making I have (and will be for some time yet I hope) other cards to make - the first being a Birthday card for my dear hubby, he loves his gardening and though this Just Inked image was perfect.  As usual all my images are coloured with Copics.

Next card is my favourite Sister-in-law but as she lives in NZ I had to get it made & posted sharpish.

This next card was for my bestest ever friend, we have been best friends for roughly 40yrs now, so as you can imagine it gets harder to decide on a card for her and now make for her - I suddenly remembered she loves Tortoises or is it Turtles ? anyway this is what I came up with and to make it a bit more grown up looking I added the flowers.  Anyway she loved it and that is what is important !!

The remainder were all requested ..............


Now for a puppy update - Robbie & Rosie are getting on much better now and as you can see they are starting to go everywhere together now - just as long as she leaves his paws alone !! LOL

I love this next one.....Bottoms Up !!  LOL

Oh yes Robbie decided to try out her bed for size and she wasn't impressed - she soon got him shifted and then reorganised it all !!!

This next picture was to congratulate her - she had been trying for weeks to get this ball (stone) out of the corner and she finally made it but just couldn't understand why she couldn't pick it up or sink her teeth into it !!!


Just one more picture, some Lemon cupcakes with Lemon buttercream icing, especially made for my hubby on his birthday.

This week I spent the most money I have ever spent on a pair of shoes - they are Sketchers GoWalk 2 Supersock Pumps and they are quite possibly the most comfortable things to go on my feet !!!.

The reason behind my purchase was I was at the Arthritis Clinic in Waterford last Friday week and my Rheumatologist suggested that I buy footwear that has a better support for my feet and especially the arches.  Plus I was told not to wear slippers all day at home as this was adversely affecting my feet.  These also help with my back as there is support for all the various pressure points.

Whilst there it was decided to switch me from the tablet form of MTX to the injectable one as the tables were causing horrible nausea for at least 2 days after taking them.  Well I had the first injection yesterday and it is better although the nausea feeling did return for the afternoon/evening today.

My remaining arthritis meds are staying the same as they are doing the job they were intended for and that is to reduce the inflammation around the joints, as that is what causes the most damage.  I just have to take extra painkillers to try & alleviate the pain.

Oh well Strictly is about to start so I better get going, thanks for dropping by.