Friday, 4 November 2016

Cards, Celebration & Disappointment

Firstly I'll show you all the cards I have made recently, then I'll get to the Celebration etc.

The 26th October was our Silver Wedding Anniversary and as we weren't having a party I made my own cake to share with the people who mattered.  Of course I also made a card for my dear hubby.

The cake was a 10" Madeira Sponge sandwiched with Vanilla Buttercream & Strawberry Jam.

My Mother & Step Father came down to celebrate with us and we had a lovely meal at Parkers in Clonmel.  The food and service were outstanding. My Mother had gone in the previous day and dropped in a couple of banners and a balloon, so when we arrived on the night, the banners were up on the wall behind us and the balloon on the table - it was a lovely surprises !!!

Not only did they get banners for the restaurant but also for our own living room, plus a balloon & flowers.

It was a lovely day and evening and that was all down the efforts of my Mother & Step Father and us of course. 

Now to Disappointment.........  Not one family member on either side bothered to send a card or pick up the phone to congratulate us.  Now correct me if I am wrong but I think 25yrs of marriage is something to be celebrated, especially in this day & age where many don't last 5yrs let alone 25yrs.  

Monday, 3 October 2016

WOW I Got Busy !!!

Just as the school summer break finished the card requests came flooding in.

This card was a cousin of mine

And this one for my darling hubby

Another from me, this time for my Sister-in-law in NZ

This card was for my bestest friend ever.  We have been friends for the best part of 40yrs now.

A cheeky card for my Brother-in-law LOL

And this card was also for a very dear friend of mine, we met on the first day at Secondary school way back in 1975.

The next few cards are all for the same lady who bakes & decorates the most amazing cakes and loves nothing more than running - personally I'd rather bake a cake LOL

This final batch are all for the same lovely couple celebrating their Ruby (40th) Wedding Anniversary

That's all the cards for now but I have a long list of cards that I need to make for Birthdays before Christmas and of course I have the most important card of all to make - an Anniversary card for my darling hubby.  It's our Silver Wedding Anniversary on 26th October.  I can't believe it is 25 years already.  I am also making a celebration cake for the occasion, which I am also decorating myself, so watch this space.

Monday, 15 August 2016

Still Summer

Its still summer so I am hoping that is the only reason my card requests are so sparse.  Here are only ones finished since my last post.

There is one more but it's still on my camera, so I will save that for next time.

No what else has happened since my last blog - oh yes we made sure the dogs had their annual booster and also Robbie had his summer trim - first pic is of Rosie waiting patiently in the car for him to come back.

I got a quote recently for a new kitchen and OMG it was €8,100 + appliances !!! However, a neighbour recently got her units painted to cream from Pine and WOW it looks fantastic, so we have asked her painter to come and give us a quote too.  So I have had another sort out and got rid of everything I didn't need anymore or have never used and donated it all to charity.  Now everything is much more accessible.  So watch this space for future updates on the Kitchen front.

My other half has been doing so well with his weight loss lately.  He was told he had to lose 3 stone before they would give him a knee replacement.  Well in the last 3 months he has lost 1 & 1/2 stone just by giving up chocolate and walking at least once a day.  But now that Rosie has discovered the delights of "walkies" she loves going with him too.  Poor Robbie has been afraid of the lead since he was a puppy and hides whenever he sees George getting ready to go or sees a glimpse of Rosie's lead.

Still baking occasionally though, most recently it has been scones - George loves them (I do too LOL)

BTW we don't have any bunnies under the shed anymore - I think Rosie scared them all off LOL

I have started to sort out my stash again, so will be having a little sale very soon, no papers this time but plenty of stamps, punches and flowers I think.

A part from being hooked on the American "Flipping" and "Dream Home" programs I have recently discovered another - "Say Yes to the Dress" - I love it LOL and as for the Olympics, I didn't realise I liked watching athletics so much.  Saying all that though, I am missed Casualty at the moment and can't wait for TGBBO to start this year and of course Strictly.  Was a shame about the Musketeers ending though, it was lovely eye candy for a Saturday evening.

Enjoy the recent sunshine everyone.