Wednesday, 25 March 2015

It's 20 days since my last post .......

and boy have I been busy !!!


I am really loving making cards again at the moment and am finally happy & content with my style - it seems to work. 
My higher dose of anti depressants has really kicked in now and I finally don't feel like I am carrying the weight of the world & his wife on my shoulders and can just get on with life as it has been dealt to me.
We have also decided not to get another puppy.  Robbie is a fantastic little dog and seems to be really happy with just the 3 of us, he gets all the attention and all the treats and in return gives us double the love back.
Another medication that is doing a great job at the moment are the steroids, they are managing to keep most of my arthritis pain at bay (with the extra painkillers too) and have increased my energy no end.  Plus my horrible rash, caused by the Orencia, is finally fading fast and my hands & arms are getting back to normal.  Another plus side of the steroids is that they increase my metabolism (which is usually at zero), so although I am eating more, I am actually losing weight at the same time.  As of last weekend I am 5 lb away from losing 5 stone !!!
I am changing my face cream again.  I used to use Clarins but although it is a lovely product, it is just way too expensive for my pocket now.  At Christmas, after some research, I changed to No.7 Beautiful Skin range.  It is good but not quite what I wanted - the day cream is a bit heavy and it doesn't make my skin quite as soft as the Clarins did.  So tomorrow, again after considerable research, I am switching to L'Oreal Perfect Age range - hope this one works.
Back Soon !!!

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

It's Spring or is it ???

Cards made during the last 3 weeks or so, all images coloured using my copics.


It may be March and it may be officially Spring but Mother Nature doesn't necessarily agree - these pictures were taken on Monday morning just after I got up and instead of getting brighter the sky was getting darker as the picture below shows and then the following 2 pictures show what happened next !!

Thankfully the 3 things that went wrong in the last post are now all fixed - I got new batteries for my camera - non rechargeable ones but they are great.  Got ink for my printer from a great company called 123 Ink and they are fab !! great service all around. 
Finally I then renewed my internet security by getting 50% off by searching google for McAfee instead of going though my Dell link !! so all turned out well in the end .

I got taken off my weekly Arthritis injection (Orencia) as it bought me out in a horrible rash .  Typical of my luck as out of the 3 biologics I have tried, this was the best one for the pain and swelling. 
However, since coming off it 3 weeks ago the rash has finally started to clear up.  But all the pain & swelling is coming back instead.  Have to wait to get a prescription for a new injectable medication now.

It's my Birthday on Sunday - 52 how did that happen ???

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Everything Happens at Once !

Firstly the batteries died in my camera, yes they were rechargeable but think they have been recharged to death.  As I have had my camera 9yrs and this is only the 2nd set I have bought, it's not too bad I suppose but when I looked at the cost of the rechargeables and a recharger I couldn't believe how much they had gone up, so for a change I invested in some normal batteries - but suitable for my camera of course and just in case I bought 2 sets.

Secondly 3 of the coloured inks ran out in my printer and now it doesn't want to work without them!! got over that one but not sure how long for.  Have ordered the 3 said inks and hope they do as they are not the branded ones.
Thirdly, the virus protection is up for renewal on my lappy.  Well they say these things happen in 3's LOL

Back to crafting - here are my last cards.  Included is a Sympathy card I sadly had to make for a friend of mine who suddenly lost her brother at the age of only 49.  I remember him well from my single days and he was a lovely fella, full of fun.  I am sure he will be sadly missed by everyone who knew him.  RIP Jimmy.
On a lighter note, the first card is for an Aunt of mine and believe it or not, the poor woman has so much on her mind lately, that she actually forgot it was her birthday !!!  She only remembered when we turned up with the card & some flowers for her :)

Next two cards are for the same man - it is his 70th Birthday but also his 40th Wedding Anniversary.  He is a mad Dublin GAA man and I was asked to do the card in the Dublin colours - think I managed to get it right and was so lucky to find a piece of ribbon in my stash to match the colours too ! Image is coloured using Copics.

All but the GAA card are decoupage and all we bought from my one & only go to place for all my stash etc - Cardz n Scrapz .

I know it's cold but my poor Robbie needed a hair cut, he was beginning to look like a little yeti but thanks to K9 Dog Grooming he is back to his handsome self again .



I didn't think it was possible of him but since we lost our lovely Lulu at Christmas, he has become even more affectionate and alert. He is such a gorgeous little dog and I love him to bits !!!
We will get him a little lady playmate during the summer, so hopefully he will like that too.

Thursday, 29 January 2015

Sure is Cold out There !!!

OMG it is bitter cold out there.  I live in Killenaule, Co.Tipperary which is in the wonderful province of Munster.  We have had gale force winds, torrential rain and loads of snow which has come & gone and don't forget the ice either but according to our "wonderful" (tongue in cheek you understand) News station, all the bad weather has only affected the other 3 provinces !!!  Another words us down here in the beautiful south & south east of the country don't exist !!!! and of course the only pictures they showed on the news were Dublin, because if it doesn't happen in Dublin it doesn't happen anywhere !

OK Rant over and back to crafting.

I was recently asked to make a celebration Christening Candle - hadn't down on in ages and it was a pleasure to do :)


Had a few cards to make too, not many but I enjoyed doing them & that is the main thing :-

Have to do a batch of  birthday cards soon, so watch this space.

Hope you like my creations, if you do please leave a comment & let me know.