Monday, 15 August 2016

Still Summer

Its still summer so I am hoping that is the only reason my card requests are so sparse.  Here are only ones finished since my last post.

There is one more but it's still on my camera, so I will save that for next time.

No what else has happened since my last blog - oh yes we made sure the dogs had their annual booster and also Robbie had his summer trim - first pic is of Rosie waiting patiently in the car for him to come back.

I got a quote recently for a new kitchen and OMG it was €8,100 + appliances !!! However, a neighbour recently got her units painted to cream from Pine and WOW it looks fantastic, so we have asked her painter to come and give us a quote too.  So I have had another sort out and got rid of everything I didn't need anymore or have never used and donated it all to charity.  Now everything is much more accessible.  So watch this space for future updates on the Kitchen front.

My other half has been doing so well with his weight loss lately.  He was told he had to lose 3 stone before they would give him a knee replacement.  Well in the last 3 months he has lost 1 & 1/2 stone just by giving up chocolate and walking at least once a day.  But now that Rosie has discovered the delights of "walkies" she loves going with him too.  Poor Robbie has been afraid of the lead since he was a puppy and hides whenever he sees George getting ready to go or sees a glimpse of Rosie's lead.

Still baking occasionally though, most recently it has been scones - George loves them (I do too LOL)

BTW we don't have any bunnies under the shed anymore - I think Rosie scared them all off LOL

I have started to sort out my stash again, so will be having a little sale very soon, no papers this time but plenty of stamps, punches and flowers I think.

A part from being hooked on the American "Flipping" and "Dream Home" programs I have recently discovered another - "Say Yes to the Dress" - I love it LOL and as for the Olympics, I didn't realise I liked watching athletics so much.  Saying all that though, I am missed Casualty at the moment and can't wait for TGBBO to start this year and of course Strictly.  Was a shame about the Musketeers ending though, it was lovely eye candy for a Saturday evening.

Enjoy the recent sunshine everyone.

Monday, 18 July 2016

Slow down for Summer

Last year the requests for my cards went through the roof, this year is a different story though,, since my last post almost a month ago I have only been asked to make 3 cards.  They are shown below.

I stopped baking for a couple of months as we both needed to lose weight but especially my hubby as he needs 2 knee replacements and they won't do it until he loses 3 stone.  Well he is half way there now and he has done so well.  He mainly lost it by giving up Chocolate - he is a self confessed chocoholic and I think it was has for him to give up that as it was for him to stop smoking !!!

Anyway I had to give into my urge for baking, especially as I didn't have any cards to keep me busy.  I made my usual Fruit Scones but also found a lovely recipe by Odlums for Bran & Raisin Muffins - OMG they are to die for !!!

We had to get Rosie trimmed again cos her fur grew and grew and she looked so shaggy LOL but look at her after pic, she looks like a completely different dog. But she is still as cute and lovable as she has been for the whole year we have had her.  She had just had her second season, and the best I can say about that is that she took a huge fancy to Robbie and for a while it looked like he had 6 legs instead of his 4 because she was continually hanging off of him LOL  We will get her operated on soon but I dread the thought of it, she's my baby after all.

We or should I say Rosie, have discovered a family of rabbits are living under our shed - now Rosie, as it turns out, is a hunting dog and likes nothing better than chasing the poor bunnies around the garden.  She also dislikes cats with a passion, so I guess I won't be getting another cat then.

Finally this is a picture of just one of the wonderful sunsets we have had recently.  It looked like the sky was on fire.

Now I need you all pray that I win the lotto or something because I am sick of looking at my kitchen.  Plus I need to change my cupboards for drawers as I can't see what is in them anymore.  If it isn't on the front of the top shelf, I don't know its there and I can't get to it.  I went to Clonmel Kitchens the other week and OMG their kitchens are to die for.  I could just get the units painted but that wouldn't solve the problem of the cupboards.  Either way I need new worktops as I have to get a new hob & sink and my oven is also on its way out.

OK time for lunch now, so I hope to be back soon - remember those kitchen prayers now LOL

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

No Sun but a Strawberry Moon for the Longest Day ???

Last night the, second only in a life time, Strawberry Moon was supposed to visible but as usual there was too much cloud. So I have missed it twice, the first time I was too young to even know what the Moon was let alone why it was called a Strawberry Moon.

For those that still don't know (cos I didn't until yesterday either LOL), courtesy of Wikapedia :-

"A full moon is the lunar phase that occurs when the Moon is completely illuminated as seen from the Earth. This occurs when the moon is in opposition to the Sun (when it is on the opposite side of the Earth from the Sun; more precisely, when the ecliptic longitudes of the Sun and Moon differ by 180 degrees).[1] This means that the hemisphere of the Moon that is facing the Earth (the near side) is almost fully illuminated by the Sun and appears round (while the far side is almost completely unilluminated)."

Anyway enough of my waffling, here are a few cards I made recently, hope you like them.

This first card is for my best friends whom I have known for the best part of 40yrs. I miss them every day since I left London 18yrs ago.

Next card is for a cousins wife who has to be the youngest 60yr old I have every known, honestly she never looks any older.

And the next two are to celebrate the birth of a good friend's 2nd Grand Daughter.

My kitchen needs a bit of updating, so I am slowly moving things around to make it look different and a bit less cluttered. 

I have a small collection of cows - not real ones you understand - and they were all on my windowsill making it look too crowded.  So last weekend I bought 3 corner shelves and my hubby put them up for me yesterday.  Had to knock off two rows of my tiling first though.  So now my cattle are all together in their new home.  The wall will be repaired when we get around to decorating.

Also recently painted the bedhead wall in our bedroom and I absolutely love the colour, it's a teal colour by Dulux called Hepburn Blue.  Here's a pic but sorry about the state of the bed LOL

And this is a lovely Orchid picture on a teal background that I have on the next wall, which is painted cream like the other 2.

One last picture for today and that is of me with my new hair do, yes I finally got to have it coloured and cut.  Honestly it was so grey and bushy this morning but now, I just love it !!!

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Phew it's been hot !!!

Thank god the summer started at long last and OMG it's been hot.  It's not often that the temperature, here in Ireland, gets to the mid 20's but that's were it's been lately with almost everyday hitting 25 degrees C  But saying that it has been raining for the last 2 days LOL

Under the following pictures of my recent cards are some pics taken from my garden during this lovely weather.

As usual all my images are coloured with Copics and all my supplies are from Cardz n Scrapz

 (and yes before you comment I know about the typo)

As promised some pics from garden.

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Sun Arrived - for a Day !!!

Sure hope that the one day in May that we actually saw the sun isn't the full extent of our Summer !!!

However, no sunshine meant I could get these cards made.  The second one is an A4 size one.  As usual all my images are coloured with Copics and all supplies from Cardz n Scrapz.

One morning last week Rosie was transfixed on garden (see pic below) she was there for ages just staring but when she started shaking I had to investigate.  The second picture shows the object of her fixation - two little bunnies having their breakfast just outside one of our windows !!

I had to let her out to stop her shaking if nothing else but before I did I made a loud noise to frighten off the little ones.  I don't think she would hurt them if she did catch up with them, knowing her she would probably just want to play with them, but I couldn't take the risk.

A bit later she turned her attentions to Robbie who unfortunately for her was more interested in George's toast LOL

In an update to my last blog I did indeed get a €60 refund from 3 Ireland for recycling my old iPhone 5C, so well happy at the moment and yes I am still loving my Samsung S6.
Winge Alert !!!  I am feeling a bit down and fed up with myself at the moment but it's not my fault as such, just this stupid body I was born with.  I have put on over 7lb in the last 3 weeks but as I have been sat on my backside for nearly all of those 3 weeks it's not surprising.  To start with I had Laryngitis for two weeks with 8 of those days on antibiotics that kept knocking me out.  Then I somehow managed to pull a muscle in the back of my right thigh, so it was painful to sit let alone stand and walk.  Just as I was getting over that my arthritis flared up in both my left shoulder and left foot.  So I was useless again and couldn't do anything except take painkillers and sleep. It's no wonder that I am waking up at 5am in the morning when I spending most of the day asleep in the chair. 
If only the weather would improve then I could force myself to get outside of the front door and at least walk around the garden and soak up some much needed Vitamin E.  Winge Over !

I have to update my kitchen appliances as they are becoming very unreliable.  Would love to replace my worktop with Quartz or Granite but that won't be possible unless I win the lotto or something.  Anyway my one dilemma at the moment is the Hob.

I have always used a gas hob, natural gas in the UK and bottle gas over here. The main reason being, well over here anyway, is that if the power went off we would always have the gas to boil a kettle on or cook on.

However, there are two things putting me off that now.  One is my arthritis makes it very difficult to keep it clean, I have no power in my hands and the cast iron supports are very heavy to lift. I would love to just be able to let the hob cool and wipe it all down clean with no heavy lifting. And the second thing is that I am sick of always having to remember .to have a spare gas bottle handy and if I forget, it nearly always runs out when the shops are closed.

I have my eye on the new Induction hobs, with touch control.  That way they are just completely flat and so easy to clean.  And when was the last time the power went unexpectedly ??? But what if it does and I have changed.  It is so difficult to decide what to do for the best.

I will leave you with that thought .   Bye until next time.