Tuesday, 12 May 2015

May it soon warm up again

Ever since we hit May the rain came down and the wind starting blowing and it hasn't stopped yet.  However, despite the weather I have still managed to a little bit of card making, as you can see below.



The 30th April would have been my Dad's 77th birthday but as I couldn't make & give him a birthday card, I made & laminated a verse for him and then attached it to a pot on his grave.  Hope he liked it.


My gorgeous fur-baby Robbie had to have a trim last week.  So we kitted him out with his new harness and off we went.  Things were looking good when we got there when he gladly jumped out of the car BUT when he realised where he was he sat down firmly on his bum and refused to move !!! the only way George could get him to move again was to open the car door - he thought we were leaving again, so got up and jumped straight into the car.  However, George then opened the other door and picked him up - he had to carry him all the way up the driveway into the groomer LOL  The groomer is Deirdre of K9-Dog Groomers and she does an absolute fantastic job of all the doggies that go into her and once in there Robbie doesn't mind a bit.  He loves getting groomed and acts like a puppy for the next few days, running & jumping all over the place .

Just taken my 3rd injection of my new arthritis meds - RoActemra.  I wish it would kick in soon as I am in more & more pain each day now and all my joints are swollen, especially all those on my hands and feet.  But all my joints are aching now and it is almost impossible to stand up longer than a few minutes at a time due to the pain in my back.  Hence no baking pictures this time.
I stopped the last one (Orencia) back in February due the rash it caused and since then I had to add extra painkillers and had been on steroids too, all up until a week or so ago.

Some good news is that I went to the eye clinic yesterday and she has now decided that I don't have glaucoma after all, I have a condition called Ocular Hypertension (which left untreated can cause to Glaucoma).  She said I have lovely eyes and should continue with the once daily eye drop to keep them so . 

Back soon.

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Sun, Rain, Hail & eve Snow !!!!

That's what we have had here in Co.Tipperary this week.  The last 3 weeks have been gorgeous with temps up in the high teens and then all of a sudden it got cold and windy and the hail & snow started falling again !!!

Still it gave me plenty of time to make some cards and have a spring clean of my Craft Room - I have a Page above with items that I have up for sale that I no longer use or have never used.

As well as my now weekly or twice weekly batch of Scones I made a yummy feather light Carrot Cake - didn't bother with the cream cheese icing because I was trying to stick to my diet as much as I could LOL

This year's Rhubarb is almost ready to pick so will have to come up with some nice recipes to use it up - I do love Rhubarb Crumble  & custard though :)

To finish here are a few pics taken in the last couple of weeks :)

Thursday, 16 April 2015

WOW it's only April & we have Sunshine !!!

Can't believe this lovely weather we are having at the moment, it is gorgeous.  Although a little chilly at times - but my hubby tells me that it's only me that's cold.!! typical men.  Downside of this lovely weather is I am in the house on my own now all but one of my pets have gone - yes Robbie leaves me to spend the day in the garden with my hubby.  He does come in when it's time for food though LOL

Have been busy busy busy crafting and enjoying it.  Mostly making stock cards though, with the odd request thrown in :)

This shows how busy I have been - just look at the state of my desk !!!

Made another batch of scones this morning, to keep the hubby happy LOL, this is an old picture cos this morning I made 9 but they look just the same :)

Over the Easter weekend I actually won an Easter Egg with a draw on FB by MD Lock & Key Locksmiths in Clonmel, so off to Cashel we went to pick it up from their other shop and I couldn't believe the size of it.  Well the downside was I couldn't eat it due to my Diabetes but my hubby enjoyed every mouthful LOL

It was only when I saw the picture of myself hold this egg that I realised just what a difference the loss of 5 stone has made to me.  The first picture below is of me 2yrs ago on my 50th Birthday (with my Mum) the 2nd picture is of my now with the said egg.

The last picture is of the lovely flowers my hubby bought me for Easter in place of the egg :)